Stamos Remodeling builds amazing security doors that mimic those in popular movies and television shows. Our team can create hidden passageways, revolving fireplaces, bookcase doors, lifting staircases and everything in between for your Columbus, OH home.

You can have a lifting staircase leading into your man cave or a hidden door that leads to a reading nook. The possibilities are endless when you trust Stamos Remodeling.

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Trust us for well-built security doors

Stamos Remodeling doesn't construct your average door. Our doors come with many features, such as:

Ballistic resistance

Drill-resistant, steel-encased locks

Ball-bearing hinges

Decorative panels

Thermal and acoustic insulation

You'll have access to unlimited design and glass options. Take your home to the next level with a hidden door that is so much more. Stamos Remodeling can create and install something amazing for your Columbus, OH home.

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